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Lesson 7: Saigu: The 1992 LA Civil Unrest

Formative Assessments

  • Activity 7.1

    • Brainstorming Definitions

    • Timeline Activity

    • T-Chart Justice

    • Think-Pair-Share

  • Activity 7.2

    • Legacy Project Video Activity

  • Activity 7.3

    • ​​Quick Write on Legacy​

  • Research Project

    • Park Essay Quick Write​

    • a variety of formative assessments associated with the final project

Summative Assessment

  • Cause/Effects T-Chart Graphic Organizer

Research Project

  • Documentary

  • Exhibit

  • Historical Paper

  • Performance

  • Podcast

  • Website

Summative Assessment: Cause-Effect Graphic Organizer

​This Summative Assessment builds on what was learned in all three Activities and involves students in identifying and analyzing the causes and effects of Saigu.

Lesson 7 Presentation Reviewed assessment.jpg
Cause Effect.jpg

Assessment Strategies

  • To support this activity, use the Lesson 7 Teacher's Guide and Lesson 7 Presentation found under Lesson 7.

  • NOTE: In this activity, students are only responsible for creating the T-chart graphic organizer. Teachers could also require students to compose an cause/effect essay.

  • Review the slide on Cause and Effects and point out to students that they do not have to have a 1:1 coorelation of causes to effects. You may want to invite students to share some causes and effects of the Civil Unrest - or pull up earlier slides form the Lesson 7 Presentation.

  • Distribute the Cause/Effect T-Chart (download below or have them create their own) to students. 

  • Determine if you will allow them to work in pairs or small groups. Regardless of group size, require every student to complete and submit their own worksheet.

  • Ask students to identify and explain at least five causes and effects of the 1992 LA Civil Unrest. Encourage them to draw ideas from lectures, readings, and their completed Timeline, Justice T-Chart, Legacy Project Interview Analysis, and Legacy Quick Write assignments. Review the Scoring Guide (from the presentation) before you let them begin.


Worksheet T-Chart Cause/Effect (PDF)

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