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Lesson 1: The Korean Diaspora and Korean Americans

Formative Assessments

Summative Assessments

  • ​Oral History Analysis Presentation 

Research Extension

Summative Assessment: Oral History Analysis Presentation

​This Summative Assessment builds on what was learned in Lesson 1 Activities and involves students and involves students in creating an oral presentation.


Assessment Strategies

  • To support this lesson, use the Lesson 1 Teachers' Guide and Lesson 1 Presentation found under Lesson 1.

Introducing the Assessment

  • Share the "Oral History PPT Template" and have students review the "Oral History Peer Review and Scoring Guide" (download below).  

Accessing the Website and Gathering Information

  • In pairs, have students go to the website, Korean American Oral Histories Project, find the Oral History’ dropdown menu, select ‘Location,' and then select two Korean Americans to compare. They should view the interviews (and/or read the interview scripts) to learn more about them. As they explore, have them note the following information:

    • What are their names?

    • Where are they located now?

    • Why did they/their family immigrate to this location?

    • What is an interesting fact or story they shared? 

    • What impact have they had on their community?

Oral Presentations

  • Have students create a presentation on the two Korean Americans they researched. 

  • When finalized, students present to the rest of the class and receive peer reviews


    • Collect all presentations through Google Classroom to make presentation time efficient.

    • Have students create screencasts of their oral presentation using the education version of Screencastify, a digital tool that is free for students. Screencastify helps make student voices heard and thinking visible through activities like speech and language practice, comprehension exercises, and interactive slide presentations.



  • Website: Korean American Oral Histories Project - a series of video interviews and documentaries of Korean Americans in the United States collected by the Young Ok Kim Center at UC Riverside. Interviewees include Korean Americans from all walks of life: from academics, professionals, undocumented students, to business owners talking about their experiences coming to America, stories of their family's endeavors, early childhood, and how they came to be in the position they are today.


Oral History Analysis PPT Template (PDF)​

Oral History Peer Review and Scoring Guide (PDF)​

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