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Lesson 3: ​Immigrant Experiences ​of Korean Americans: ​The Sammy Lee Story
Literature and Writing Extension:  Book Reviews and Storytelling

Students learn how to write a book review and also how to narrate a children's book (both in person and via a digital video.)



Each of these options could be completed individually in pairs, or in small groups. 

  1. Students review a children's book by a Korean American author or on a relevant topic and present their review to the class OR create a presentation of their book review and record an audio and/or video narration.

  2. Students select and read a children's book by a Korean American author or on a relevant topic to a group of younger children OR students select and record an audio and/or video narration of a children's book (or chapters of a young adult book) by a Korean American author or on a relevant topic.

Five Steps to Writing a Book Review

  • Begin with a brief summary of the book (name of book, author and illustrator, year published, overview of book, major characters, setting).

  • Pick out the most important aspects of the book. 

  • Include quotes from the book to illustrate the important aspects.

  • Write a conclusion to your review.  This may include who might enjoy the book, why you liked the book, and some information about how  the story ends.

  • Give it a star rating and explain why.

    • One STAR - this book is not recommended.

    • Three STARS - this book is recommended and is pretty good.

    • Five STARS - this book is highly recommended and is very good!


Suggested Books


  • Lesson 3 Teacher's Guide and Lesson 3 Presentation are found on Lesson 3 Overview.

  • See also how a children's book (Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds) is used for educational purposes in Activity 3.1.

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