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Lesson 4: The Korean Independence Movement 

Formative Assessments

  • Activity 4.1

    • Worksheet on President Wilson's 14 Points for Peace

  • Activity 4.2

    • ​Expert Group Assignment

    • Home Group Assignment (may also be considered a summative assessment)

Summative Assessment

  • Persuasive Letter to President Wilson

Writing Extensions

  • Quick Write

  • Essay Question for Exam

Summative Assessment: Persuasive Letter to President Wilson

This Summative Assessment builds on what was learned in both Activities and requires students to write a persuasive letter.



  • To support this activity, use the Lesson 4 Teacher's Guide and Lesson 4 Presentation found under Lesson 4.

  • Note:  This may be treated as a full writing process activity.  If so, follow the 5-step writing process outline under Lesson 3 Assessments.

Introduce the Assignment

  • Have students reflect on what they have learned by having them take the persona of a Korean living in the U.S. in 1919 and compose a letter to President Wilson encouraging the U.S. to support the Korean Independence Movement.  This may be done as an informal or formal writing activity. Distribute and review the Persuasive Letter Directions. Review the Scoring Rubric (found on page 2 of the Persuasive Letter Directions).  Download below.

  • Writing Prompt: Imagine you are a Korean schoolgirl who participated in the independence movement in 1919. Compose a letter to President Wilson, asking the US to take a position in favor of Korean Independence. 

  • Some arguments or points you should connect to in your letter:

    • The Fourteen Points Speech

    • The devastation of WW1

    • Global advocacy and organization for Korean Independence by Koreans living in the United States, Korea, China, Russia, and Mexico 

    • Japan’s colonization of Korea and violation of principles of the Fourteen Points



Persuasive Letter Directions and Scoring Rubric (PDF)

Persuasive Letter Scoring Rubric (PNG) (image only)

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