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Korean American Studies Education Foundation (KASEF)

미주한인사 교육재단

Purpose Statement

"To research, develop, and disseminate Korean American Studies curriculum and instructional resources, with emphasis on teacher training, professional development and youth education."


  1. To research and develop academic curriculum, supplemental lesson plans and digitalized teaching resources on Korean American Studies.

  2. To collaborate with educators, government entities, and other educational organizations from Asian American and Pacific Islanders communities, to evaluate, advocate for and provide support for continuous development and dissemination of Korean American Studies educational materials.

  3. To provide Teacher Training through various conferences, seminars, webinars and other methods to effectively apply developed instructional materials as part of Ethnic Studies courses in K-16 schools and other educational institutions.  

  4. To function as a digital hub to store, edit, update, upgrade and disseminate curriculum and teaching resources on Korean American Studies.

  5. To promote faculty enrichment, leadership training, pre-service teacher preparation, professional learning experiences, networking and community outreach for equity and empowerment. 

  6. To conduct various youth events and activities that facilitate the education of Korean American Studies, Ethnic Studies, leadership, and race relations for future generations, with emphasis on minorities and underserved communities.

  7. To create a learning community for lifelong learning and professional advancement that consists of academic faculty, teachers, professionals, students, parents, researchers and community leaders. 


Established on:  February 17, 2022



FEIN: 88-2098502

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