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On behalf of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Los Angeles (KCG), KASEF will temporarily host the curriculum website pages. KCG has recently developed a new website, with additional lesson plans and resources on Korean Studies. Thank you! 

Korean American Ethnic Studies Curriculum
Lesson Features and Pages

Lesson 1: The Korean Diaspora and Korean Americans


​Lesson Features

  • TOPICS:  Korean Diaspora, Korean Americans

  • HISTORICAL TIME FRAME: 1880 - 1920

  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Oral History Analysis Presentation

  • EXTENSION: Web-Based Research Report

​Lesson Pages


We are Korea Multinational Patriot Flag. (Photo courtesy of Onjena Yo, 2022)

​​Lesson 2: Early Korean Immigrants and the Legacy of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho

Lesson Features

  • NOTABLE KOREANS: Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (1878 - 1938)

  • TOPICS: Establishment of Koreatown, Pachappa Camp, Korean Independence Movement, California Citrus Industry


  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Civic Engagement Report

Lesson Pages


Dosan Ahn Chang Ho in Los Angeles, CA. (Source: Wikipedia)

Lesson 3: Immigrant Experiences of Korean Americans: The Sammy Lee Story


Lesson Features

  • TOPICS:  Immigration laws, Korean American immigrant experiences

  • HISTORICAL TIME FRAME: 1920 – 1950

  • NOTABLE KOREAN AMERICANS: Sammy Lee (1920 - 2016)

  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Comparison/Contrast Essay, Double-sided Timeline

  • EXTENSION: Literature

Lesson Pages


Sammy Lee at the 1952 Olympics

(Source: Wikipedia)


Korea (dark red) within the Empire of Japan (light red) at its greatest extent in 1942. (Source: Wikipedia)

Lesson 5: Young Oak Kim: Hero and Humanitarian

Lesson Features

  • TOPICS: World War II, Racism

  • HISTORICAL TIME FRAME: 1940 - 1990

  • NOTABLE KOREAN AMERICANS: Young Oak Kim (1919 - 2006)

  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS: ​Argumentative Essay, BioPoem

Lesson Pages


Young Oak Kim in 1961.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Lesson 6: Aftermath of the Korean War and Korean Transnational Adoptions


Lesson Features

  • TOPICS: Korean War, Korean War orphans, Transnational adoptions


  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT:​ Comparison/Contrast Essay

Lesson Pages


With her brother on her back, a war weary Korean girl tiredly trudges by a stalled M-26 tank, at Haengju, Korea. 6/9/1951 .

(Source: Library of Congress)

Lesson 7: Saigu: The 1992 LA Civil Unrest


Lesson Features 

  • TOPICS:  Saigu, 1992 LA Civil Unrest, justice and injustice

  • HISTORICAL TIME FRAME: 1990 - 2020

  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Causes/Effects Graphic Organizer


Lesson Pages


Building burnt to the ground after the riots. (Source: Wikipedia)

Lesson 8: Korean Popular Culture in the United States


Lesson Features

  • TOPICS:  Korean popular culture, K-pop, Minari, Notable Korean Americans

  • HISTORICAL TIME FRAME: 1990 - Present

  • SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: Biographical Research Presentation,
    Memoir Essay

Lesson Pages


Girls' Generation in September 2015.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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