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Lesson 2: The First Koreatown and the Legacy of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho

Formative Assessments

  • Activity 2

    • Article Analysis Worksheet

    • Similarities and Differences Venn Diagram

    • Quick Writes

Summative Assessment

  • Civic Engagement Choices Worksheet

  • Civic Engagement Options Worksheet

  • Civic Engagement Log Sheet

  • Civic Engagement Report Presentation

Summative Assessment: Civic Engagement and Report

​This Summative Assessment builds on what was learned in Lesson 2 Activity and involves students in a community engagement activity, thus following in the footsteps of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho.


Assessment Strategies

  • Use the Lesson 2: The First Koreatown and the Legacy of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho (Summative Assessment) presentation to support this assessment.

Introducing idea of Community Needs

  • Remind students of the many ways that Dosan helped his community - including formation of Friendship Society (Chinmoke Hoe), the Korean Labor Bureau, and the Korean National Association.  These organizations helped early Korean immigrants. Dosan spent time determining the needs of his community and acted to help individuals improve their lives.

  • Ask students to identify needs of their community and how they might help individuals improve their lives.  As needed, encourage them to consider a broad variety of needs by mentioning ideas from Civic Engagement Resources.

Introducing idea of Civic Engagement

  • ​Review the two slides on Civic Engagement - making sure to discuss the four constructs and seven categories.  Show the short video, What is Civic Engagement? (1.52 minutes).​

Completing the Civic Engagement Project

  • Review the slides on the Civic Engagement Project.  Have students complete and share their top five Civic Engagement Choices Worksheet.

  • Have students choose groups (or work individually) to complete the Civic Engagement Options Worksheet. Some of this can be completed during class, but contact must be made by phone or email to confirm the possibilities. 

  • Approve their final choices and give them time to complete the activities. Remind them to track their hours on the Civic Engagement Log Sheet.

  • Finally, have students prepare their report.  Review the Civic Engagement Report Presentation Scoring Guide and have them deliver presentations during class. 


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