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Lesson 8: Korean Popular Culture in the United States

Formative Assessments

  • Activity 8.1

    • Hallyu Research Assignment

    • K-Pop Comparison/Contrast Activity

  • Activity 8.2

    • Character Map

    • Story Map

    • Sequence Chart

    • Digital Movie Poster

    • Movie Critique Presentation/Video 

  • Activity 8.3

    • Biographical Research Presentation (may also be considered a summative assessment)​

Summative Assessment 

  • Memoir Essay Plan

  • Memoir Essay 

Summative Assessment: Memoir Essay

​This Summative Assessment builds on what was learned in all Lesson 8 Activities and involves students in the Writing Process. 


​Assessment Strategies

  • To support this lesson, use the Lesson 8 Teacher's Guide and Lesson 8 Presentation found at Lesson 8.

Reading a Memoir

  • In Lesson 7 (Activity 7.2), an optional activity was to assign students the reading of "Chapter 6: Los Angeles on Fire," from Memoir of a Cashier: Korean Americans, Racism, and Riots, by Carol Park, and compose a Quickwrite to the following question: How was Carole Park and her family impacted by the 1992 Civil Unrest? If students did not complete that activity, have them do so now.  

  • Have students review and share their Quickwrites. Have students discuss how Carol Park led readers into, through, and beyond the memory of the events of the 1992 Civil Unrest.

Students Plan & Outline

  • Distribute and review the Memoir Essay Plan, Three Acts Outline for a Memoir, and Memoir Essay Scoring Rubric (download below).

  • Post the writing prompt  and give students time to plan and outline their essay.

    • WRITING PROMPT: Compose a 5-paragraph memoir essay in which you recount an experience in your lifetime that reveals something about your identity as a Korean American.

  • Begin the Memoir Essay Plan by having students brainstorm possible events and experiences.  Have them share ideas with the class.

  • Help students identify what kind of memoir they will be writing.

  • Then provide students time to complete an outline of the three acts, interview family and friends, and compose a title.

  • Review the Memoir Essay Plan with each students prior to having them complete their first draft.

Students Compose First Draft

  • Allocate sufficient time for students to compose their first draft.  

Students Review and Revise 

  • Provide students with feedback through the following strategies:

    • Writer Workshop - students sign up for 10-minute conferences with the teacher to get assistance. 

    • Peer Review - in pairs or small groups, students read each other's drafts and provide feedback using the Example Format and/or Scoring Rubric.

Students Edit and Publish

  • Allow students time to edit their essays and finalize for submission.



Memoir Essay Plan and Three Acts Outline (PDF) 

Memoir Essay Scoring Rubric (PDF)

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