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Lesson 1: The Korean Diaspora and Korean Americans
Activity 1.1 Why did Koreans leave their Country and Disperse around the Globe?
What is the Korean Diaspora?

Korean Diaspora Flags

Students explore the Korean Diaspora and the factors that prompted Koreans to leave their country.  They compare three waves of Korean immigrants and focus on immigrants to the United States.  They interpret graphs and charts. 

WE ARE KOREA MULTINATIONAL PATRIOT FLAG. Photo courtesy of Onjena Yo, 2022.


Activity Questions

  • What are characteristics of a diaspora? 

  • What is the Korean Diaspora?

  • Why did Koreans leave their country and disperse around the globe? 

  • Why did Koreans immigrate to the United States?

  • How have reasons for Korean immigration to the United States evolved over time?​

​Instructional Strategies

  • To support this lesson, use the Lesson 1 Teachers' Guide and Lesson 1 Presentation found under Lesson 1.

Defining Diaspora

  • Have students share their ideas about the term, "diaspora," and then present the first slide, What is a Diaspora? Lead students to the notion that Koreans are a diaspora.

Introduction to Korean Diaspora and Three Immigrant Waves

  • Review slides on the three immigrant waves from Korea to the United States.  Ask students to share stories of relatives and friends who were part of these immigrant waves.

Activity 1.1: Interpreting Graphs and Charts

  • Individually or in pairs, have students complete the activity sheet, Korean Diaspora: Interpreting Graphs and Charts (download below). When completed, have students compare their answers with another peer or pair.

​Closing the Activity

  • End class with review and discussion of the activity questions and/or the Research Extension (found under Lesson 1 Research Extension).​ 



Handout: Korean Diaspora Interpreting Graphs and Charts (PDF)

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